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Sell hot food right where people are

Ondigo makes robotic food kiosks. The 10sqft automated machines allows you to sell where millions of people are, giving you the sales you deserve, with minimal operating expense.

Reach users delivery apps can't

Millions of commuters want to buy hot food everyday. Commuters don't order delivery, they eat on the go. Ondigo bridges the gap between hot food sellers and customers, so they no longer have to rely on non-nutritional chips and cookies.


Ondigo takes just 10sqft of space. Place it at any station, mall, or market; right where the action happens.


Serves food as fast as 15 seconds per customer. Sell to more customers than your competitor.


No employee required. Easily monitor earnings and inventory with Ondigo app.

Over 2000 happy customers in 60 days

Ondigo started conducting trials in February, operating machine for 4 hours each day, resulting in 3X daily sales compared to vendors with 3 employees, 10hrs of operation and 400sqft shop.
Experience it yourself.

Sell at multiple locations

Make food at one place, sell at multiple popular locations. Ondigo keeps food fresh, hot and hygienic. Zero employees at selling points. You get to focus on what matters to you- making great delicious food and making money.


Featured in Mid-day Gujarati

Mid-day Gujarati featured Ondigo to present the change making story of the team. But we're just getting started. Join us to reimagine how fast food is served and consumed.Read more Ondigo stories here.

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How Ondigo began

How Jash Mota came up with the idea of Ondigo and launched it in 2 months.

How Ondigo began


It all started 6 years ago, when I started commuting 4 hours each day in Mumbai locals to go to my engineering college and get back home.Those who have been there, know the struggle. Waking up at 5 for a lecture at 8. Leaving home all fresh and clean, boarding the crowded train, getting all sweaty and smelly in just half an hour. Leaving home for work is still easier, at least you had a good home-made breakfast. The real struggle is while returning home, when you are tired and hungry and need to catch that train. The train is late and you’re standing with a heavy bag and empty stomach. You want to eat some piping hot, delicious Vada pav, you turn around to see the platform shop, it has Vada pav, but you are sure they aren’t fresh & will make you ill.


One day, I was traveling the same way, and was waiting for my train at Dadar, starving and craving for some snacks. I’ve been writing code since I was 12, but being a robotics engineer, I more curiosity towards problems which required hardware solutions. And that’s when I thought about it, there should be a vending machine for hot snacks, especially for Vada Pav, because I’m an absolute Vada Pav lover and I am sure there are millions like me.

For me, this was a no brainer. I was actually surprised why this hasn’t been tried yet? I talked to all my friends about this, but somewhere I felt someone else would soon do this, if not me. At the time, I was working on autonomous mobile robots, and making home robots which clean and help with other problems. But I discussed this idea with everyone around me, because I was really passionate and interested about this, even though at the time I couldn’t focus on it.


Fast forward to October 2021, I had built Nubot, the home cleaning robot, but it was too late. The robot vacuum cleaner market was already too competitive with big Chinese brands in the fight to market share. I had to take the tough decision and shut it down.Back to the drawing board. Working on Nubot taught me invaluable lessons about not just building something, but also about taking an innovation and making a business out of it. With these insights in mind, I started looking at problems more closely than solutions. I came up with 10-12 other ideas, one of which was about non availability of hands-free & hygienic hot snacks food at most of the places. I thought more about it. Read more about it. The more I dwelled, the more I surprisingly realized that no yet has caught up on solving this problem.
On November 6, 2021, I started working on Ondigo alongside other projects. The plan was to try multiple things in November and see what sticks. By December, I could see I was only passionate about Ondigo and stopped working on everything else. I made a lot designs and prototypes and test pieces.


On February 4, 2022, in just 2 months, we launched Ondigo in Kalyan West at Heel 2 Toe. We've sold to thousands of customers who love us and come back to us. We have sold 3X of other vendors in the area, in just 4 hours of operation compared to their 12+ hours of operation.
We’re super excited about Ondigo, and our continuously making improvements to the product design. The next version would have tons of improvements.
We have 80+ people on our waitlist who want to buy our machine. If you're interested as well, click the button below and register your interest!